Customer Experience

Customer Experience

With insights from the video analysis detections, it is easier to get information on the entire customer Journey.

Utilise our face recognition engine for effective analysis on how customers enter premises, time spent in-store, purchase capacity and much more. Accomplish analytics on in-store customers to provide demographic information.

Have a deeper understanding of their store dynamics, comprehensive customer profiles thus improving their competitiveness and profitability. Build a powerful competitive edge with a complete profile on customers’ frequency, conversion rates and seasonal trends.

Use Cases

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Facial Scan for Banking

Customer Verification

Targeted advertisements

Targeted promotions

Retargeting interested customers

Queue management

Staff optimization - staff-to-customer ratio

Recognize unattended customers

Demographic and Geolocation Ads

Faster Payments

Self-checkout kiosks

Speedy check-in, baggage claims

Easy access to lounges

Hazardous area monitoring with alert

Alert when critical personnel is away

Fall detection

Driver Monitoring

Gaze tracking

Eye status monitoring

Patient check-in process

Patient Identification in Acute Cases

Emotion Detection - Optimizing pain relief