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Limitless Opportunities with Titan AI

Face Recognition

Leverage Titan AI that utilizes unique facial features to recognize individuals. Build a high-performance face recognition engine that processes multiple real-time video streams in parallel. We help you to not only recognize a human face, but identify behaviours and track real-time activities. Enterprises integrate insights gathered by Titan and enable them to turn real-time analytics into an action plan to reach their KPIs.

Titan enables easy, scalable integration into your enterprise making your business see the real world with cognizance.

Object Detection and Tracking

While your business can focus on other matters, Titan AI will identify your target expeditiously in a wink of an eye. Imparting intelligence into businesses, our engine can recognize objects with high accuracy detection ability. Acquire AI capabilities on any device low computational resourced and be able to recognize any object saving cost and time.

Easily integrate advanced image analytics on any application or device improving experiences.

Reason for people choose us

Titan enables businesses to build recognition engine augmenting AI into their products to make experiences seamless.

Platform Independent

Plugs into any device and works on a wide range of cameras.

Detection & Tracking

Recognise faces and objects in real-time expeditiously from images and streaming videos.

Multicam Analysis

Handles streams from multiple IP camera seamlessly and detect with any setback.

Multiple Object detection

Spots multiples object and detect multiple faces in a crowd.

Demographic analysis

Recognises faces with age, gender elevating the data gathered.

Anti Spoof Detection

Detects real-time liveness of face eliminating fake authorizations.